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Safe, Simple, Fast


Your transaction is completely transparent. You remain in control of your principal. Your deposit returned as little as 24 hours.


One 15 minute phone call is all we need to start the transaction. Once we have your information we can start the process.


A 15 minute phone call is all it takes to start the process. Your deposit is returned in as quickly as 24 hours.

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Minimun Investment

Fixed Return



Interest paid quartly*

Principal Returned in as little as 24 hours*


Most frequent questions and answers

We use your funds to obtain secured loans from FDIC insures financial institutions and we send the loaned amount back to you. We use the loan balance to help others by putting our trade line on their credit report thereby increasing their credit standing and helping them obtain more favorable loan and financial products. To learn more click here for detailed information.

Safety of your principal is our primary concern. Every step in the process is transparent and you receive everything we receive from the banking institutions. You remain in complete control of your principal and the entire process is stated upfront and agreed by you, the banking institution and us. The ensures complete transparency and safety. To learn more click here for detailed information. 

We try to do as much of the work in advance as we are allowed and we encourage our banking partners to process applications as quickly as possible. We process the secured loan and forward the application to you. The financial institution then notifies you that they need your bank deposit to process the application.

Depending on when they recieve your deposit determines how quickly the funds are transferred back to you. Funds can be returned to you in a fast as 24 hours. In some cases it may be 48 hours. In all cases, you will be notified in advance of when your funds will be returned. To learn more click here for detailed information. 

You are in complete control of the process. Before initiating a deposit you are given our bank’s instructions on funding and loan disbursements. You will see that the bank’s instructions are to use your deposit for a secured loan for us and for the loan disbursement to be returned to you immediately after the loan has been processed. 

Everything is done automatically and at no point do we have use of your deposit.  Every step is transparent and you can cancel the transaction and have your deposit returned at any time. To learn more click here for detailed information. 

You can receive 2% to 10% APR on your deposit.

Every deposit into a financial institution receives 2% APR.

We have five institutions that are in this program.

If you deposit into all five institutions you can receive the full 10% APR. To learn more click here for detailed information. 

In today’s society credit is necessary to buy and purchase things that would be too expensive or unobtainable if having to pay with cash. Unfortunately, many Americans have made mistakes, suffered financial setbacks due to illness, unemployment or many other factors that have hurt their ability to obtain credit at favorable rates and terms. Many financial products for individuals with bad credit have been nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing offering a lifeline and temporary fix while at the same time digging them deeper into a black financial hole.

Negotium X has a different philosophy. We do not take advantage of people while they’re down but give them a real opportunity to build, repair or reestablish excellent credit. We do this by putting them on our trade lines for 12 months. So their credit history can build and become excellent. We also help them with financial consulting and credit monitoring. We do this for a very low fee that’s affordable. To learn more click here for detailed information. 

The secured loan is taken out in our name and we personally guarantee the loan. You are not responsible for the loan or repayment of the loan at all.

Because we can have multiple individuals on our tradeline if one does not pay we still have others who can serve as a backup for the loan repayment. The loan repayment is interested only since the equity is taken out in equal monthly payments from the deposit balance. 

All accounts are paid quarterly or every three months from the day of the loan disbursement. To learn more click here for detailed information.