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What we do & how we invest


In 2017, Negotiumx (Latin for business plus) opened its doors to serve the best interests of the American consumer. We help consumers obtain more favorable credit lines, access better credit products, and better terms on financial products. Based in San Francisco, CA, our company is focused on helping people to quickly and easily boost their credit scores using high-value trade lines.

How we make money helping others?

In today’s society credit is necessary to buy and purchase things that would be too expensive or unobtainable if having to pay with cash. Unfortunately, many Americans have made mistakes, suffered financial setbacks due to illness, unemployment or many other factors that have hurt their ability to obtain credit at favorable rates and terms. Many financial products for individuals with bad credit have been nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing offering a lifeline and temporary fix while at the same time digging them deeper into a black financial hole.

Negotium X has a different philosophy. We offer individuals a helping hand and a real opportunity to build, repair or reestablish excellent credit without sinking them deeper into debt. We do this by putting them on our trade lines for 12 months. So their credit history can build and become excellent. We also help them with financial consulting and credit monitoring. We do this for a very low fee that’s affordable.

We use your bank deposit to obtain a 100% secured loan against your deposit. We then use the loan proceeds to pay you back. We pay back the loan using the equity from our savings account and interest paid from our tradeline partners.

What are tradeline partners?

Our tradeline partners are individuals who desire to be a co-signer on our tradeline. Our high-dollar tradelines are valuable for individuals wanting or needing to establish, reestablish and build their credit.

Having a high-value credit line increases an individuals credit score and helps them look more attractive to banks and for other financial products.

Your investment helps individuals obtain a better life and move closer to living the American dream which is slipping away for too many individuals.  


Investing Procedure

Principal Protection

Our primary concern is the protection of your principal. All investing carries some form of risk but if we can minimize the loss of anyone’s principal and maximize our clients return then the overwhelming majority of investments will be profitable. 

Most of our procedures and processes are designed to maintain your principal and return your principal back to you as quickly as possible. If you choose to reinvest with us for additional profits then that is allowed as long as we have the capacity to handle additional principal investments.



Step 1 – Fill out the contact form. Our contact form starts here

Step 2 – One of our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will contact you to answer any questions you may have and complete the process.

Step 3 – After we have answered your questions, received your consent forms and you have decided on the amount you wish to invest, we will open a secure loan at one of our member banking institutions. Our banking institutions are all US-based and FDIC insured.  

Step 4 – After we have prepared the secure loan we will email you the following:

  • Name of the banking institution
  • Main phone number of banking institution
  • Contact person at the banking institution
  • Contact person’s phone number at the banking institution
  • Our secured loan documentation
  • Bank routing number and account number to deposit your investment
  • Loan instructions and procedures (this will tell you how quickly the bank processes the loan and sends the money back to you)
  • Our note agreement to you (this will give you interest, payment, amortization, and settlement information)

You will also be able to log in to your account to view these documents.

Step 5  – After you deposit the funds into the bank you will receive a confirmation from us that fund has been deposited. We will also send you a reminder of how long this bank takes to process the loan and estimated time on when your principal will be returned to your bank. 

Step 6 – After the bank has processed the loan you will receive an email from us stating that the bank has processed the loan and are returning the funds to you. 

Step 7 – We pay you quarterly interest payments based on the number of banks we have funds from your account. 




Negotiumx | profit


How and when do you see money

We obtain a secured loan against your cash deposit. The financial institution returns the funds to you when the loan is disbursed. This is all done under contract and you receive specific instructions from the financial institution and a note is create by us to pay you for temporary use of your deposit.

All banks are FDIC insured national US banks.
Each account is paid an APR of 2% per bank.
Up to five accounts are allowed with same deposit.
Principal deposited is returned as quickly as 24 hours. Note is paid to you quarterly over a 12 month period.
The percentage you earn is based on the number of banks we can use your deposit to set up a loan account. The maximum we allow is five accounts per deposit.

Principal Return*


Number of Accounts

Your single deposit

24 hours


One Account

Your deposit 1

48 hours


Two Accounts

Your deposit 1

72 hours


Three Accounts

Your deposit 1

4 days


Four Accounts

Your deposit 1

5 days


Five Accounts

Your deposit 1

You choose how many accounts you wish to invest in and your rate of return.

Your Single

$25,000 investment

ROI $500 at 2% APR

4 Quarterly Payments of $125

ROI $2500 at 10% APR

4 Quarterly Payments of $625

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Our vision is to be the safest company to invest and to maximize investment profits with every transaction.
Our vision is to be the safest company to invest and to maximize investment profits with every transaction.
Our vision is to be the safest company to invest and to maximize investment profits with every transaction.